90 min Workshop

We all have to do it! well, that is- if we'd like for our businesses to grow... With 7 billion people in the world, there is so much potential to tap into rather than relying on the connections we've already made in life. The real magic always happens through connection and collaboration. That's something I thankfully learned straight out of the gate! When our network isn't growing in business, our business is likely stagnating as well. When we as entrepreneurs 'play pretend' that everything is perfect,that we have it all together, and don't need assistance, we create a monster inside ourselves that feeds on anxiety, isolation and overwhelm. What we're often missing out on is the fact that there are resources all around us. All we have to do is reach out for them. When people ask "How's business?" and our automatic response is "It's amazing"when what we really should be saying in " It's good, and it could always be better!" - could leave the door open for people to contribute to our success instead of closing it through misplaced pride. Collaboration after all is where the real magic in life happens. Allow me to be that person that helps you get the real meat of the meal, the pearl of the oyster. Let's tap into the community around us together and build serving two way relationships in business and in life. Find the real joy in making positive and long-term connections that will keep you, and your business engaged in dynamic growth while keeping true to your vision, mission and core values. 

Harness Your Greatness!

90 min Workshop

The most common way people give up their power is to not realize they have it to begin with. 

That's right. We are all powerful. Each and everyone of us. Whether we realize or embrace that power is entirely up to us. Far too often, I see people getting frustrated with their loved ones, work life, governments or circumstances under the weight of these things feeling much bigger than we are. Thinking that we're powerless to change them. We allow these things that are outside of our control to take control of our happiness, and even our joy in life itself. I have amazing news for you! You can take your power back. Power to look inside ourselves, to harness the things that influence our thoughts, our feelings and actions. We can make a difference. That difference is us. 

Join me and see the difference your mindset can make in every aspect of your life.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Spinnging To Winning!

90 min Talk

We've all heard the term 'fight or flight'. That doesn't make any of us impervious to it, however. Millions of years ago this response to the unknown was an evolutionary life-saver that kept us from being eaten alive by saber-toothed carnivores. It may have also kept us from venturing out of the cave life for much longer than necessary too.  Today - this response is still hard-wired in our brains, yet we no longer live in the world of perils we've evolved from. That fear now serves for the most part as something that can hinder our progress should we fail to see it for what it is. Fear of the unknown, fear of taking a chance, fear of what someone else may think of you. All these fears are imaginary - large as they may sometimes seem. all you need to do is walk through that fog of fear and into the clear skied certainty of taking action. The illusion of the 'what if' can feed so well on our inaction that it begins to seep into our self esteem. Which then seeps into our relationships with others, and the cycle continues. We become stuck in our inaction, feeling powerless to move forward. Eventually causing us to abandon what we most want in life. 

Understanding where these impulses come from is the first step. 

Recognizing when they attempt to hijack our progress becomes easy and effortless with my guidance. Learn to embrace these emotions and see them more as an opportunity or an impetus for change. Use these tools to move you toward your goals toward the future that you really want, instead of hiding from them when they arise.

Find your purpose

90 Minute workshop.

Everyone can sing - some people just haven't found their song yet. We all know that we ALL have a calling. Whether we are following that calling currently, or not. When our heads and our hearts are in alignment, and we're working toward our true goal, we can fully enjoy every day, and live truly on purpose. I curated this workshop when I realized that so many of my peers were coming to me for guidance in terms of tapping into their true propose. Usually after having work work worked in a career that they no longer felt passionate about. No longer excited about the prospect of retirement that seemed ever further and further away. So often people feel trapped in lives that they would not have chosen for themselves, yet at the same time - they feel unable to move into a more serving career with goals that align with their core values as human beings. Some people have the chance at a young age, to explore options that unlock their calling, while others give up on following their passions when they 'grow up' and make compromises that at the time - may have seemed only temporary. When we live life on purpose, we're able to accomplish great achievements for human kind. We set examples for our peers, and for the next generations that show them that life has meaning  and that meaning is different to each of us.  Find your true north so that you can make sure that the time you have on this beautiful planet is well spent and in keeping with what really rocks you!