jenn c


"I had the amazing opportunity of working with Michelle.   The first thing I noticed was her ability to connect with me and make me feel very comfortable.   I was struggling with feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.  I was so grateful to have a life coach who was committed to me achieving my goals and seeing results.  Michelle was extremely organized and professional when it came to tasking me and following up to be sure I was staying on track.  She gave me the step-by-step guidance to set reasonable goals and time for myself.  My first major breakthrough I had from working with her was not to feel guilty about having “me time”.  I’m proud of myself for working hard with her to create a life that is more organized and less stressful.  I’m now able to enjoy the moments in life, without worrying about my long “to-do” list.  Working with Michelle has been a wonderful experience, and I will continue to work with her for life coaching and goal setting."

Mally b

"Before working with Michelle, I was stuck and not moving forward in my business, thus no results. While working with her, I received great insight which helped me get clarity on why I was stuck and what was holding me back from taking action. Through working together, I became more committed to my business, gained the momentum I needed to push forward and get real with what action steps I needed to take to get going. I truly recommend that anyone who is thinking of working with Michelle to just got for it. She'll greet you with warmth, grace and a caring nudge to getting you going in the right direction."

Maria E

"Before working with Michelle I was feeling anxious and full of cloudy thoughts that were hindering my process of moving forward. My business was suffering, and I was lacking the strength to pull through.

During my time with her, she was sensitive to my needs, yet firm with the guidance she provided. Michelle pulled me out of my crazy spins and helped get my mindset back on track. Because of her help, I have a new marketing blueprint that will set me apart from my competition. 

Michelle is intelligent and instinctual. She is passionate about what she does and only works from the heart. I would recommend her to all new business owners who are looking to improve their mindset, re-juje their business blueprint and increase heart based connections with their clients. Michelle is a rare gem and a delight to work with!"